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Things To Know Before Colouring Your Lips Permanently

The popular lip color today seems to be a nice dark shade of red. They make the lips look beautiful and luscious. What is not to like about them? There are things you should know before getting a permanent lip color, though.permanent lip color

  • Yes, It is painful. All beautiful things that are worth it will be painful. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the pain to you.
  • You can get a color very close to your natural shade. The problem is that it will not last. You will need regular touch ups.
  • The pigment is preferred to traditional tattoo ink. It is thicker and will last a while.
  • It takes ten days approximately to completely heal. The dry and chapped look might be worrisome. As the skin heals, the light color will come back.
  • Yes, it can be removed. It will take you another procedure to get it done.