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Selecing A Good SSD For A Laptop

As the SSD market slowly comes to grips with greater popularity lower costs and higher performance metrics, the new Kingston SSDNow V300 signifies an intriguing mixture of options for first time SSD buyers. It combines cutting edge, high-performance NAND with a cost that is very simple accept, potentially allowing for it to become one of the today’s most popular drives. There aren’t many differences between the various SKUs of the V300, unlike some competitors that feature functionality that can vary wildly between different capacities. However, one area in which Kingston distinguishes their drives is the inclusion of so-called “Upgrade” variants.

While the Notebook Bundle holds an additional $10 premium in addition to that, using the Desktop Computer Bundle included, the V300 comes in at around $210. However, without the extras, a simple Kingston ssd V300 240GB goes for just $185 which is Intel 335 180GB terrain. Additionally, if previous experience with this category of drives is any indication, this larger variation should also not be a touch slower than its smaller 120GB sub due to higher capacity NAND with performance figures that are slightly better. The V300 240GB comes within an all-metal outside. The dark gray with pebble finish is obviously appealing, although not nearly as attention grabbing as Kingston’s HyperX and HyperX 3K line.